Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cha Siu Bao (BBQ Pork Buns)

I've been craving a lot of Asian food lately, particularly Chinese pork buns. Kameran and I tried it a couple times before using this recipe, Pork Buns, but it just didn't quite hit the delicousness you find at restaurants. Thinking back to one of the Asian food websites I do like, I decided to search on and Sure enough, I found two great recipes:

Cha Siu (BBQ pork)

Steamed Buns With Roast Pork Filling

I followed the recipes and although a little time consuming, it was definitely worth it. The only thing I would change is maybe add a little more sugar to the BBQ pork meat. The restaurants seem to be a bit sweeter with their meat. Oh and FYI, pork cushion is the 99 Ranch name for pork shoulder.

My pictures definitely don't do it justice as I don't have parchment paper and just ended up using spinach instead (notice the little green bits creeping up the side of my buns :P). Also my bamboo steamer is in storage so I was forced to use a metal steamer that has handles that would hit the bun :-\. Either way, still tasty!

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