Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gardening = Food

Gardening classifies as food, right? I thought I'd start documenting the spring/summer garden this year so I don't forget what I did and what worked or didn't work. So far...

I took a stellar seed-starting workshop with Nan Sterman on 3/17 where we started seeds in a root trainer system and various pint-sized containers (e.g. strawberry and tomato clamshells). After finishing the workshop, I left with 16+ different types of vegetables and herbs.

Here is the list of them (in the root trainer):
  • Basil 'Cameo Container'
  • Basil 'Genovese'
  • Chard 'Pot of Gold'
  • Cilantro 'Santo Organic'
  • Dill 'Vierling'
  • Lettuce 'Garden Babies'
  • Eggplant 'Purple Fingerling'
  • Pepper, 'Rainbow Bell Mix'
  • Pepper 'Sweet Pimiento'
  • Tomatillo, 'Purple de Milpa'
  • Tomato, 'Gold Nugget'
  • Tomato, 'Mortgage Lifter'
  • Tomato, 'Roma'
  • Tomato, 'Super Bush Container'
  • Zinnia 'Benary Giant Mix'
  • Zinnia 'Berry Basket'

These were the optional ones (the bigger seeds):
  • Cucumber 'Armenian'
  • Cucumber 'Straight Eight'
  • Melon 'Honeyrock'
  • Squash summer 'Dark Green Zucchini'
  • Squash 'Horn of Plenty'
  • Pumpkin 'Winter Luxury Pie

And here is a picture of where they're at right now, approximately 3 weeks later:

I'm still trying to figure out where to plant all of them and whether I'll have enough room in the 2 raised beds.

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